Family Education Fund

Supporting students in need, during the transition to hybrid learning

As students and families are transitioning into a different school experience this fall, they face new challenges that often come with increased stress, both emotional and financial.   

In order to meet that need, Cape Cod Church is introducing a Family Education Fund to help local families during this transition. As a church, we are...

  • Setting aside $10,000 to provide Walmart and Amazon gift cards for families in need
  • Working with school administrators to identify those families
  • Helping pay for school supplies, clothing, headphones, food, or whatever is most needed in this season

We recognize that frontline teachers and counselors are often aware of the students and families that can benefit most from this support, and want to partner with them. If you are a local teacher, we want to leverage your individual influence: click HERE to request gift cards to distribute personally.

As a church community, we also want to leverage your insight to identify families in need. Do you know a family or a student that may be struggling with the transition back to school or homeschool? You can direct them HERE to request support.