Explanations for the “The Falcon and the Branch” Reading - Sunday, March 4th

Explanations for the “The Falcon and the Branch” Reading - Sunday, March 4th

My name is Ken Hart. Our church started providing Daily Devotionals at the end of 2014. It has my been my privilege to put them together over this time period and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue with this ministry as we go forward. The Devotionals run Monday through Friday. Back around Thanksgiving I started posting stories on holidays and weekends. Stories are a big part of my work world. I have been a hospice Chaplain for over 8 years and the people I care for relate very well to stories. Going forward for a while, I thought I would post some of these stories on Saturdays and share on Sundays how I apply them to those I care for. The kind of needs I address day after day are universal and I am confident that the things I share on weekends will be helpful to everyone. This sharing coupled with the weekday Devotionals will give us something to relate to every day of each week.

Yesterday’s post is the eighth story I use in my work that I wanted to tell you about. The farmer came up with a very effective solution for getting the falcon off his branch and about the business of flying, didn’t he? At the cutting of the branch, both the branch and the falcon were headed for the ground. The falcon instantly had to choose between hitting the ground and flying. The falcon made the choice to fly and was soon soaring high in the sky. We don’t know why the falcon had been choosing the branch over flying up to this point but apparently as long as the branch remained intact, the falcon was going to keep clinging to it. The falcon is pretty much the ultimate flying machine and yet by clinging to its branch it was missing out on the very thing it was made and called to do.

When it comes to our relationship with God and the life to which we have been called, we were made to soar majestically with him while flying triumphantly through life. Too often we cling to our branches and miss the soaring experience in our relationship with God of trusting him fully with the issues of life. “Clinging to a branch” represents something we are trusting in that serves as a substitute for trusting in God. The problem isn’t necessarily the branch itself. The problem is our refusal to stop clinging to it so we can soar in faith with our amazing God. When we soar with God by faith, we fly along through life trusting his sufficiency for whatever we face, wherever he takes, and for whatever has for us to do.

Once again we see that the workings of faith in God are essential. As a hospice Chaplain I consistently talk about faith in two ways. First, faith is the assurance that God loves us and is with us in Spirit every moment of every day he gives to us and is always helping us get through life in the best way possible (God truly is sufficient and we can soar with him by faith). In whatever we face, God majors on producing in us a great sense of well-being by providing the peace and comfort of his presence. Second, faith is the assurance that in addition to his being with us in Spirit while we are here, we will be with him forever in Heaven someday when he is ready for us and says, “come on home” (how little our earthly branches will mean to us then). These assurances are a great source of peace and comfort for us, but all of this comes to us solely because we have first experienced peace with God through forgiveness in Christ.

The stories I share with the people I visit, allow me to share again and again this two-fold understanding of faith from different angles. Each week I will share them with you and it is my hope that the lessons of faith gained from them will bless your life in special ways.

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